Theme Notes


[accent color=”” size=””]content to accent[/accent]
attributes are all optional if none are used the default accent color and text size will be used as defined in the stylesheet. .accent {}
colors can be html, hex or rgb colors.
size can be in any css standard unit px, em, pc etc.

[accent color=”red” size=”30px”]content to accent[/accent] yields
content to accent

Theme details

box width is 960px defined in the stylesheet
accent color is #39ACA9
homepage sections are created via pages added as widgets

Hero Areas
the homepage hero area is an image but could become a slider using a shortcode
ie) [rev_slider homepage]
a slider is added to all pages (not posts) and must be created with rev slider and called “page” without the quotes

Featured Work
added as a widget and pulls from the “Featured Work” category (limit number of items in this category to multiples of 3 or adjust settings)

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